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Throughout the year we hold a variety of socials catering to all aspects of Muslim student life.
The following are some of the common socials ISOC holds:


Chai Shais

Chai and Shai [ شّاي ] both mean “tea”.
This is the name given to casual gatherings the brothers have in the prayer room.

It usually involves a few brothers getting to know one another whilst enjoying a nice cup of chai, as well snacks provided by the ISOC.

Games Nights

These are held either in the prayer room or booked-out rooms.

We usually have a play station setup with FIFA, as well as other card and board games.

As always, snacks are provided.


Eating Out

In university, you will often find that you go out to eat... A lot. Some of the places we often go after campaigns events are Texas Grill and Uni Kebab.

Find out more about halal food places here.


Challenge yourself and compete with your friends to see who can get the most points on a wide range of topics from sport, culture, history, science and much more.

You might even win a prize!

Scoops/ Sprinkles

Both of these places are ice cream parlours. They are only a 15-minute walk from Highfield campus.

Depending on the amount of people joining us, we can go to either parlour.

Other Socials

We also hold more focused socials throughout the year.
Some past socials have included Thorpe Park, paintball, trampoline parks, bowling and many more.

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