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Experience Ramadan in Southampton!

Ramadan Iftar (2)
Ramadan Iftar
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Ramadan Fruits

Throughout Ramadan, the ISOC organises daily free iftars, thanks to the generous donations we receive.

These gatherings are an essential part of the Muslim community in Southampton, providing us a platform for unity and shared meals every Maghrib. 

We also host Taraweeh nights in Garden Court.


This holds special significance for numerous individuals, marking the pinnacle of their Ramadan experience. The joy of standing alongside fellow brothers or sisters, immersed in the recitation of the Quran led by our beloved mashayikh is an unforgettable aspect of this time.

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Generous donations enable free daily Ramadan iftars, sustained entirely by your contributions.

About 90-110 students join us for our iftars. We manage resources efficiently, keeping daily iftar costs below £500, inclusive of fruits, dates, and a full meal.

Whether you're interested in sponsoring an entire evening or contributing even the smallest amount, your participation will be deeply appreciated!

It was narrated from Zaid bin Khalid Al-Juhani that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

Whoever gives food for a fasting person to break his fast, he will have a reward like theirs, without that detracting from their reward in the slightest.

Sunan Ibn Majah 1746, Grade: Sahih (Darussalam)

NOTE: All donations are subject to a transaction fee of 2.9% and an additional charge of 25p.

Nothing makes me prouder than how our ISOC promotes brotherhood and unity during Ramadan masha'Allah. It always swells me up with joy to describe to the freshers exactly what Ramadan is like at the University of Southampton.


Truly a beautiful experience. 

Kamran - Acoustics PhD

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