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Welcome to Southampton ISOC!

As you embark on your academic journey at the University of Southampton, you will undoubtedly encounter new opportunities and challenges, not only in your studies but also in upholding your deen (faith).

ISOC is here to support you with everything!

Anything from assisting you in maintaining your salah (prayers) and observing Ramadan to facilitating opportunities for you to make friends and engage with the community, ISOC is dedicated to helping you thrive both academically and spiritually.

Buddy System

Beginning life at university is a daunting process; moving to a new city, living and adapting to the fast paced university life can prove to be a challenge.

This initiative matches new students like yourself with current students of ISOC, with the aim of easing your transition into university life.

We hope this system helps you settle in and feel more comfortable as you start your university life.

Useful Resources

The first week of university is a time of transitioning into a new chapter of your life; getting to know the university and trying out different things. To ensure a smooth transition, you will find the following essential resources helpful:

Link ⏵ freshers-week.png.png

Let us introduce you to the university's Muslim community with Freshers Week!

Link ⏵ booklet.png.png

Discover all you need to know as a Muslim in Southampton.

Freshers Must-Dos

A list of everything that you should aim to do in your first weeks at Uni. We hope you enjoy!  

Attend the Meet & Greet 

The Meet and Greet will kick of our Freshers' week and is the best opportunity you will have to meet fellow freshers, current members and the committee. We will inform you on what we can do for you, as new Muslim students starting a life at Uni, tell you about life at uni, point you to this website (thank you to the ones reading this before M&G); flesh out our plans for freshers as well as the rest of the year.

Again, this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know us all.

Get to know the committee - we are here for you.
Get to know your fellow freshers - they are in the same situation and may even be in your cohort.
Get to know other members - they want to get to know you too and may be studying the same course.

PS: The introduction talk will probably be followed by pizza 🍕 

Make the right friends early

This may seem hard, but it is vital. It is a great idea to try and meet fellow Muslims early on. We are blessed, alhamdulillah, here at Southampton to have such a large group of Muslims, and so you should try to align yourself with friends that will help you achieve what is best in both the dunya and the akhira, inshaAllah.

We are not saying “don't have non-Muslim friends”, because that is undoubtedly absurd. Non-Muslim friends aren't necessarily bad or bad influences; you should be friendly with everyone, and it is good to have friends on your course.


The prophet (SAW) said:

Man is influenced by the faith of his friends.
Therefore, be careful of whom you befriend.

Allamah Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 74, P. 192

However, if you don't make any efforts at the start to hold strong to your deen by aligning with ISOC or finding supportive friends, you can quickly be lead on the wrong path, from which it is not an easy route to re-trace as you won't have that connection with the Muslims all around you.

Invite others to come / Be the right friend

Of course, you should also aim to be the supportive and good friend to your brothers and sisters.

If you know Muslims, invite them to come along to the meet and greet, ISOC events and Jummah. Despite our great numbers at ISOC, mashaAllah, there are still a large number of Muslims who don't get involved with or try to learn about the Muslim community. They don't even know there is a prayer room!

So please, invite them to this website, invite them to events. If they say no, you have at least tried. 

Attend as many events as you can 

Similar to the Meet and Greet, these freshers' events are the best opportunity to get involved and show your face early.

Not only are these events fun, they will allow you to get a good feel of the ISOC community. The community is a large one, so the more events you attend, the more people you can meet. 

Give ISOC Sport a go

ISOC sport provides a great social environment to build great, long lasting relationships as well as allow you to pick up a healthy hobby.

The environment is key, especially as Muslims. To brothers, this is a great opportunity to be involved in sports without the pressure of going for a drink after, or going on nights out with your teams at clubs. To sisters, this is arguably a better opportunity because you are usually limited in these opportunities, due to the nature of the environment sports are played in. ISOC’s Sisters Sports allows you to take part and have fun comfortably, in the company of other sisters. 

Visit the prayer room & attend Jummah

Get familiar with the prayer room! We are incredibly fortunate to have an convenient place to pray and make wudhu at the heart of campus. Say hello and meet your fellow brothers and sisters. 

We also have the ability to pray
Jummah on campus, and you should take the time to become familiar with where it takes place. Jummah at Uni is a blessing and you should try to take advantage of it. Outside of socials and events, it is the best opportunity to introduce yourself and meet fellow Muslims. 

Sign up for an ISOC buddy

The main idea is that your buddy will help you with starting Uni life and answer any questions you may have. While it may not be suitable for everyone, we recommend you give it a go. You can set your preferences, so we can match you with a buddy who is most compatible with you, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience.

Look through the Freshers Handbook & the rest of this website

The Freshers Handbook is a basic guide for freshers coming into the university. Scroll up to have a look.
Whereas our website has information on all aspects of the ISOC. Look around to see how you can get involved with the things we do.

Take a tour of Southampton

Southampton is a nice city, and it is your home for the next 3+ years. The earlier you become familiar with it the better.
It is a good idea to explore the city with freshers you meet at the Meet & Greet or other ISOC events.

Here are just some of the places you should visit:


Please also visit the local masaajid, and try out some of the local halal restaurants


U1,U2 Bus Routes.png

On Bus Routes

U2 routes go to and from Bassett Green and Central Station 

via Avenue Campus, University, Glen Eyre

  • U2B buses to Basset Green

  • U2C buses to City

U1 routes go to and from NOCS and Airport / Eastleigh 

via City Centre, Portswood, University, Wessex Lane Halls

  • U1A buses to Airport

  • U1E buses to Eastleigh

  • U1C buses to City

  • U1N buses to Wessex

For more information, refer to the UniLink Timetables & Maps.

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